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weddingguestswatchingmagicA wedding is the perfect enviroment to experience magic

Not many people get the chance to see close-up magic right in front of their eyes

No other form of entertainment creates such a direct level of interest as close-up magic

You can be absolutely sure this will be a major talking point amongst your guests both on the day and for months, sometimes even years afterwards

Wedding Packages


Meet and Greet

Walk Around Magic at your Champagne Reception

Nigel will arrive early and greet your guests as they arrive - giving you and your family time to relax during the photographs

Normally about 1 - 1 1/2 hours

Table Magic

Wedding Breakfast

Nigel will entertain your guests at their tables inbetween courses during the Wedding Breakfast until the speeches begin

Normally about 1 hour

Afternoon Magic

Walk About magic is perfect for the afternoon

Usually after the speaches are finished until the evening is well underway
Often around 4pm until 7pm - especially useful if the room is being reset

Normally about 3 hours

Evening Magic

Nigel will mix and mingle amongst your guests perform amazing miracles just inches from their noses throughout the evening

Normally about 2 - 3 hours

Nigel will be more than happy to discuss your plans with you to ensure your day will be truly special for you and all your guests