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Parlour Magic

What is a Close-Up Parlour Magic Show?

nigelatparlourmagictableimageA parlour magic show is simply a static magic show performed up-close and on a personal level for small groups of people (up to 30 max)

Parlour magic can be performed in dining rooms, offices, gazebo's and at small catered parties normally from a table surface. This is usually in the form of a 30 to 45 minute show

All shows are interactive and filled with amazing magic with a comedic twist

Why have a Parlour Magic show at a corporate meeting?nigelfrancisimage

Nigel performs at many corporate meetings each year and creates a relaxed atmosphere with his magical entertainment. His style of entertainment is a great change of pace. It breaks the ice and relieves the tension of the meeting

Corporate meetings usually have one much needed break and Nigel's parlour show is a great way to clear minds, relieve stress, and just have fun