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About Nigel

nigelfrancisimageNigel fell in love with magic at the young age of 12 during a shopping trip to central London with his mother. The shop keeper handed him his change, but it was not there. Then he handed Nigel his change again by placing it on the glass counter. He heard it clink but once again it was not there

What followed was a stunning display of digital dexterity with coins passing invisibly from one hand to another changing from copper to silver and finally transforming into a jumbo coin. This was something Nigel never forget

When he got home he started the long process of teaching himself coin magic from books. Nigel then found his nearest magic dealer and bought some cards so he could learn the basic sleights of card magic. Shortly afterward Nigel went to the first of many magic conventions and also started taking private lessons

Nigel put his sleight of hand skill to work doing tricks for his parents, family and friends. He performed his first professional show at the age of 19magicrelaxingguestsimage

Now 30 years later Nigel is still amazing people with his mind boggling, brain twisting magic

Whether Nigel is doing sleight of hand at a large event, a restaurant or Nigel is performing for companies at trade shows or even just in your living room we guarantee you will have a good time

His amazing manipulation skills and dazzling magic routines are sure to please all