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nigelinaframeUK based magician Nigel Francis has delighted audiences across the Uk and abroad with his blend of genuine charm and pick your jaw off the floor impossibilities. Nigel has taken magic to new heights by striving to be unique as well as entertaining. He has a different perspective of what magic is and how to create the sense of wonder to his audience

The Magic

Many people are familiar with seeing magic performed on TV but to see it performed live and inches away from your face is another experience entirely

Close-up Magic is simply magic performed up close and personal

Walk Around Close-up Magic can be performed walking around any event. Walk About Magic in hospitality suites, cocktail hours, catered events, and large indoor & outdoor events is a 'speciality' of Nigel

Nigel's props are small and self contained, so he can stroll around any event and perform anywhere, anytime, and under any situation

Mostly he is used as an ice breaker to loosen up your guests and put them in a partying mood

Nigel's style of magic appeals mostly to the sophisticated adult

He prefers to use advanced methods of sleight of hand rather than gaffs or gimmickscoupleofpeopleclappingimage

As a self-contained entertainer, Nigel performs close-up magic and creates a magical atmosphere using his powers of sleight of hand wherever he performs

Where and When?

Nigel is employed as a magician for many different events and celebrations for both corporate and private clients during the day and in the evening

Type of events Nigel is often asked to perform at include:

Events may be held in all sorts of venues including hotels, restaurants, halls, function rooms, pubs, clubs, private houses, gardens, marquees, hospitality suites, offices, etc

Nigel carries full public liability insurance

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